Subcontractor / Vendor Qualifications

Lamm & Company Partners values our subcontractor relationships! Since our inception, we have not compromised the quality of materials or workmanship while maintaining competitive pricing and most importantly ensuring safety first and foremost on each and every project we construct.

Please adhere to our insurance requirements that are included in our Subcontractor/Vendor Form.

Subcontractor and Vendor Form

  • Download PDF of Qualification Form
  • Please answer each and every question accurately
  • Recent and prior project experience is required and will be verified
  • Subcontractors and vendors meeting our requirements must include:
    • Primary Contact person and e-mail addresses
    • Office, fax and cell phone numbers
    • Back up contact with cell phone and e-mail when applicable
    • Accurate address that matches your corporate records

Vendors and subcontractors are primarily contacted by e-mail for invitation to bid and/or issued agreements.

Send your completed Qualification Form to jcloutier at lammco dot com.